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We shop small & local every chance we get. From getting fresh fruits & veggies at our local farmers market, to sourcing business cards through a small/local business.

There is a small or local business out there with exactly what you’re looking for!


Cyntergi puts smaller businesses from all around the world right in front of you. Whether you’re looking for new socks, school supplies for your kids, or some awesome decor to redecorate your home – we’re here to help you find it!

Linked to Google Maps, and broken down into categories – it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.


Shopping small & local promotes your local economy and helps create better job growth. This is something that is incredibly important!

Most small and local businesses supply great, high-quality – low-batch products, which means you’ll get something that works well and has meaning behind it!

Why Us?

Cyntergi is a marketplace and directory solely for small businesses. With the internet being smothered by giant corporations, finding a small business with what you’re shopping for is nearly impossible. We created Cyntergi to be the central location where you can shop for anything you need all in one place!
Whether it’s service-based and you need a plumber or painter, or perhaps some help with taxes – or you are browsing for some unique Mother’s Day gifts – you’ll find them here!

Cyntergi is free for shoppers – and affordable for small businesses.
Our marketplace commission runs at just 2% with no fees per product (compared to 6.5% with a fee for each item you list at Etsy).
Our directory starts at just $5 a month (less than a single cup of coffee – and indeed less than $35 a month plus for being a seller on Amazon).

With features like live chat, booking, and directions on Maps – it creates a smooth interaction between shoppers and small businesses!

Let’s put the focus back on shopping small and local!

Support & Shop Small Businesses

As a small business that has taken on everything from marketing to web design ourselves, we wanted to share everything we’ve learned with you!
We have a small business blog that has everything we have done, and we’re working on more!
We’ll talk about how we built our website, website optimization, marketing, SEO, and anything else that comes up along the way!

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