Healthy Gourmet Dog Treats with Puddles Barkery!

Tell us about your gourmet dog treats small business! At Puddles Barkery, it’s all about the dogs! Our Seattle pet treat bakery creates healthy, preservative-free treats for your next hiking adventure in addition to Cakes, Cannoli, and Pupcakes for every celebration. You’ll love the treats because we choose local, health-beneficial ingredients for each recipe. But your dog will … Read more

Guest Posts with Do-Follow Backlinks!

What are Do-Follow Backlinks? Do-Follow backlinks are links that point to your website. Such as a blog post that has a link to your website. These are incredibly important for SEO (search engine optimization) and ranking higher on google searches. Most blogging or media content platforms use no-follow backlinks because if you have too many … Read more

Fresh Dough W/ Veteran Owned Bucket of Bread!

Veteran Owned Small Business! *Tell us about your small business! Firstly, congratulations! You have found your new number one go-to brand for the highest quality versatile fresh dough mixes you can get on the internet. Just add lukewarm water, mix, rise, and start creating so many different baked goods! Your newly risen fresh dough lasts … Read more

Soul-Infused Branding

Alchemic Creations Soul-Infused Branding *Tell us about your small business! I started my soul-infused branding business eight years ago in October. I had worked in the corporate world with some heavy-hitting brands for quite some time when I was presented with an opportunity to switch gears and work with a startup instead. It was a … Read more

Building Eco-Friendly Bird Houses!

*Tell us about your small business! I am running WoodLives since 2017 and since then, I have sold my handmade products across the world, from Australia, Singapore, and Europe, to USA and Canada. WoodLives uses mostly reclaimed materials to keep the embodied energy of the products lower. I have never even thought that I could … Read more

A walk in the woods Holistic

At A Walk In The Woods Holistic, Practitioner Jessica Woods Hawkins believes in treating the whole person and using non-invasive, alternative medicine modalities and functional lab testing to get down to the root cause instead of covering up symptoms with labels, and pharmaceuticals. At A Walk In The Woods Holistic, she provides clients with the … Read more

Creating a small business marketplace

Shop small – Shop Local How Cyntergi was born, and what we want to create! Shopping Small Business with Cyntergi *Tell us about your small business! Cyntergi is a marketplace and directory solely for small businesses. It was created to be a one-stop-shop for everything small businesses. Whether you’re looking for a plumber or doing … Read more

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