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Cyntergi is dedicated to creating a platform for shoppers to connect with small businesses all around the world. Whether you are looking for shoes, handmade socks, business services, or some delicious local honey – you will find it on Cyntergi!

On Cyntergi you can shop by neatly organized categories, by searching for what you’re looking for, or via Google Maps. Each category will also display the map above the listings that will show every listing in that specific category. So you can be searching for dog treats, and at the top of the listings, you’ll be able to see small businesses that are close to you.
It is incredible to see how many small businesses are just down the road from you and you have never heard of them before!

Cyntergi is the only small business directory designed for the shoppers. Neatly organized, fast, with great category thumbnails (at least we think they are awesome!), it makes it a pleasant experience for the shoppers – which is the ultimate goal of a directory.


At just $10 a month with a price that will never change, you can get exposure to thousands of shoppers around the world.

That is more affordable than any serious directory you can find, and by far less expensive than PPC ads like Google Ads or social media. Twitter starts at $50 to promote your post, and then you get exposure to maybe a 5,000 if things work nicely.

Beyond the affordability of listing on Cyntergi, the exposure you get is with shoppers actually shopping. You are not promoting a post on Facebook hoping you’ll get a few clicks to your website with your $15 promotion.
Traffic on Cyntergi is everyday shoppers who want to support small and local businesses.

Committed To Giving Back

Here at Cyntergi, we are committed to giving back to the small business community.
All of our business cards, flyers, hats, masks, shirts, keychains, and everything else – it’s all made by small businesses.
We firmly believe in the saying ‘practice what you preach’. We frequently talk about ways to support small businesses and shopping local, and that is something that we practice in our daily lives.

Growing up in a small family business, I learned how much of a difference it can make when you actually shop small for your business. There are hundreds of people who make amazing business cards or unique items with your logo on them. So instead of going for the cheaper imported goods, we get quality items made by other small businesses.
So by listing on Cyntergi, you’re also supporting other small businesses all around the world!

Listing On Cyntergi

Why You Should Be Listing On Cyntergi


Every small business has the ultimate goal of continuing to grow their small business. Whether you dream of having a global reach or simply finding more local customers. We want to help you achieve that goal!
At just $10 a month it’s simply cutting out on a single stop at Starbucks, and you get exposure to thousands of shoppers.

With a platform designed specifically to be an easy and pleasant shopping experience, it makes it easy and fast for shoppers to connect with your small business.

Our website is optimized both on desktop and mobile, so shoppers can get to a small business without delays.
With better website speed, SEO optimization, and 100% website uptime (Thanks to Kinsta Hosting), you can create a listing and let it do all the work.

From our family to yours, let’s put the focus back on small business!

We Believe It’s Time For Small Businesses To Have The Spotlight

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