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Vibrant Series is a face wash and serum set. With a morning wash and serum and an evening wash and serum. You may come to find your skin clearing up from acne, red spots fading away, fine lines and wrinkles fading, smoother and glowing skin. I named it Vibrant because of what it does to the skin, it transforms it into a happier, healthier tone.
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Using Earth’s bounty to nourish and heal you with raw and organic materials.
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I started making items for my families needs to help us recover from various ailments to just solving issues like cradle cap. I offer a wide range of products that are great for families who are living healthy toxin free lives.
I am completely transparent with all of the ingredients I use. All of my materials are raw and mostly organic. I make everything by hand in small batches.
If you want to learn more about my products or even just learn more about me I have a blog where I write about different essential oils and products I make; why certain oils are in them and what they do:

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Port Orchard
  • Pain Balm is my best seller. It was the very first product I made and has been selling out ever since. Full of oils that have been used for thousands of years to treat things like bruises, sprains, muscle tears, even fractures. I have had customers use this post surgery and tell me it worked better than the pain pills, not only that but it sped up their recovery time. This balm is also good for general aches and pains including headaches, ear infections, jaw pain, etc.
  • A newer blend I made that was Valentine inspired. It is fantastic for anyone who needs a way to relax, calm down and just want to switch to a happier mood. Works well with aromatherapy jewelry!
  • Massage Oils meant to set the mood and spice up the bedroom a little. Also would make really good scents to wear as a perfume. All of the oils are great for anyone struggling with dry skin or even body acne. Give your love a massage and have a dual purpose ;)
  • First Aid balm is a popular balm, healing pretty much everything it has been put on. From burns to cuts to cold sores and blisters and even cysts. It is a do all kind of balm that helps your body heal fast and leaves a minimal trace of the wound.
  • A newer set to the collection, called the Dream Series. Sleepy has been helping people with insomnia for the last few years. Tranquility was not only helping people with sleeping but also with anxiety and panic attacks. Dream is a newer mix I made to help calm the mind and offer another solution to anyone who suffers from lack of sleep. This is a great deal for anyone trying to find which one works best for their bodies or just wants the power of all three to use daily as a way to help your mind handle things like stress or anxiety.
  • Bath Salts inspired by Valentines Day but is a great stress relief at the end of the day. Not only will the scent help calm your mind and spirit but your skin will be moisturized and soft.
  • One of my more popular items, Body Scrub. A silky smooth mix that will help resolve dry skin while also smelling amazing.
  • Clear was created when Covid first hit last year, this balm is similar to a vapor rub. Rub it onto your chest for immediate relief from sinus or breathing issues. Also has the ability to help calm coughing spasms.
  • Natures Best With Tess

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