Plant and Hemp

Plant and Hemp
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At P&H our mission is to “take mankind back to its roots”.
We mean rediscovering some of the fantastic things our modern world has lost : Nature
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Nature is losing its range and purpose. It became a luxury, and lost paradise. It is sold as a reward,or a place to make a picture.
When it is, in fact, an essential and a right to every one of us

We need to re instaure it into a more present and stronger way in our present life.

In order to do that we choose to work with HEMP and artists.

Why hemp and CBD ? It is a plant that has been misunderstood for too long and it is time to give back its letter of noblesse. From food to medicine, passing by construction material, hemp is truly a miracle asset.

Artist? Because Troubadour never disappears, and there are here for a reason, to show you the true essential. Emotion, feeling, love and vibration are what we are made of and what we need to live a true happy life. They are the apostle of this world.
To create a cultural renaissance through Cannabis.

We do :
Flowers (GMO free, selected farm)
Edible( vegan,handmade, strong, gluten free, with and without chocolat, long conservation because of the cookie by itself and because of the box..)
Oil cold extraction, CBD and CBG, up to 30%)
Drink (soon)
Lifestyle (hoodie) soon
Cosmetics ( packaging awesome, very concentrate, a mim of additive, only natural)
Packaging : kind of unique too in Europe, Jars are waterproof, air proof and smell proof. 25% hemp and bio plastic, send us back and get 1 refill for free.

We support artists on each box, we stay in close collaboration with the independent art scene, we promote and celebrate creators, artists on our platforms. You can buy the original print and 100% goes to the artist

What is in each envelope we send to the client : confetti (mandatory), soon a magnifying glass so you can light your joint forever thanks to the power of sun), carton multiusage with code, stickers to share love, the amazing product you ordered in a unique jar.

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