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Rainforest Bowls | Artisan-Made Coconut Bowls & Other Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products
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Saved from Becoming Waste, Crafted to Suit Your Taste
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Rainforest Bowls strives to promote sustainability by offering kitchen products and garden decor handcrafted from earth-friendly materials: reclaimed coconut shells, wood offcuts, and bamboo. Plus, for every product we sell, we plant 1 tree! Join our journey to 1 million trees—choose from our wide range of coconut bowls, utensils, plates, planters, cups, straws, and more.

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147 Texas St NE
New Mexico
  • Make your dream eco-kitchen come true. Take your pick from a variety of handcrafted home products.
  • Choose from over 20+ coconut bowls, planters, birdhouses, cups, and soap dishes—all of which are made of 100% natural, discarded coconut shells.
  • Made of the world’s fastest-growing plant, our bamboo straws, utensils, cups, and plates are sustainably sourced and crafted.
  • Coconut wood is an often overlooked sustainable resource. Rainforest Bowls offers coconut wood utensils, plates, cups, and more, which carry an attractive grain created by nature itself.

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