Why list with Cyntergi?

There are loads of places to advertise your small business, so why list with Cyntergi?
It’s simple – Cyntergi is a web directory that is dedicated to just smaller businesses.
Unlike other directories, you won’t be competing with large companies from all around the globe, which makes it much easier for shoppers to find you!
Better exposure with the righ shoppers for a great price!


When you’re listing with Cyntergi, you’ll have exposure to thousands of shoppers looking for exactly what you offer.
As a well-organized web directory for small businesses, it allows shoppers to find a small business making anything they are looking for. Whether someone is shopping for candles, face masks, eco-friendly soap, or backpacks, it will be on Cyntergi.

Unlike other marketplaces such as Amazon, we do not sell individual products. This makes our website much less cluttered, so shoppers don’t have to look at dozens of listings of the same product or slight variations of a product. They’ll be able to find a business in the United States that sells what they are looking for, and go directly to that company.

This allows shoppers to have a central place to go shopping, while still supporting our small businesses!


Cyntergi is neatly laid out by category, tags, or location. Making it very easy for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for.
Shoppers can sort businesses by ratings, name, or state – allowing them to easily find a good business, perhaps even in their home town!
The main directory page has categories with thumbnails, sorted by name, allowing customers to browse even when they aren’t searching for something specific. It’s simple, clean, and easy to navigate.

Google Maps

Cyntergi is linked with Google Maps, so shoppers will be able to search by location and find small businesses in their area. It’s amazing to find out how many small businesses are right next to you, yet you had no idea!
It also gives them the ability to get directions to your storefront if you have one.
Shoppers will be able to look at a map of the USA and zoom in to any location they want, which shows pins for businesses just like it does on google.


Cyntergi goes beyond just a simple listing.
You’ll have your typical boxes like description, name, location, website link, images (up to 10) – but you will also have a contact section.
It allows customers to send you an e-mail without having your e-mail openly listed in your listing. This protects you from spam!
Customers will also be able to get directions to your storefront if you have one, right on Google Maps.
Cyntergi also allows reviews, so customers can drop a review on your listing, which allows future customers to see what previous customers had to say. Whether you have high-quality products or great customer service – new customers will be drawn in.


Creating a listing with Cyntergi is easy!
You will create an account with an e-mail and password, and then you create your own listing! It has to get approved by an admin to make sure everything is okay. Then you can log in to your account and adjust your listing at any point.
Customers who reach out to you on the contact secetion of your listing will go right to your inbox. This allows customers to reach out easily yet protects businesses from spam!


Here at Cyntergi, we are dedicated to helping small businesses get the exposure they need to grow. A huge part of this is affordable exposure.
With years of being small business owners ourselves, we’ve seen how expensive it can get to advertise. Whether you’re looking at advertising with a magazine or getting your products listed on Amazon, Facebook ads, or Google AdWords – it can get spendy.

We have a locked fee of $20 a month, or $15 per month on our bi-annual plan (every 6 months)
This is cheaper than Amazon, Facebook ads, or Google Adwords.
With endless exposure and a more refined selection for shoppers – your listing will see more traffic on Cyntergi.

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